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At MHANWI, we are proud to host two of NWI’s best events each year! Our annual Legacy Breakfast is our annual contribution to mental health education and awareness in our community; and our phenomenal and ever-growing fundraising event WING & ROLL attracts and unites over 300 business and organizational leaders and teams each year with a NWI Chef Chicken Wing Cookoff, live rock & roll music, and more in support of MHANWI programs in Lake and Porter Counties. We hope you will join us at these events in support of NWI mental health! For more information, call us at (219) 937-7733 x137 or email




Positive Impact

“I’ve been seeing a mom for more than a year who has struggled with depression due to an abusive relationship. Together, we created a safety plan to help her deal with her feelings, and she continues to work through difficult times. She keeps this safety plan on her fridge so when she recognizes that she is having difficulty coping, she can read through it and try one of the activities that help her or call a friend for support. When we met, she had nowhere to turn for help. During our visits, we were able to talk about healthy relationships and about resources and safe places she could go to get out of her situation. After a few months, she decided to follow through with the plan we created, utilizing resources I was able to provide. Today, mom is thriving in a new environment and focusing on her personal growth and the development of her child.”
– MHANWI Family Support Specialist
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